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Thank you for the opportunity to quote your job and we look forward to serving all your Marking needs now and in the future. CNC Engraving, CNC Machining, Laser Fiber, Nd yag and CO2, Silk screening, Metal Photo etching, Deep etching of metals, Electric-chemical etching, Dot Peen and Stamping.

Attached is your RFQ, If you should have any questions regarding this quote Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you

  • We support the following software: CorelDraw
    Adobe Illustrator
    Casmate Pro
    EPS Files
    HPGL Files
    And other various vector & bitmap* files
    *Many marking processes might require bitmaps to be vectorized or traced/re-drawn which would add additional costs.
    Our staff can advise on which file formats would be most beneficial for the client.

We also can be contacted by e-mail at

When sending supporting docs for RFQs such as prints, if using the pdf format, it is helpful if the original document is scaled to a minimum of 1:1.

Our attachment limits are very generous, but let us know if there is any issue so that we can find an acceptable alternative method of delivery.